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Equine Ophthalmology Veterinary Practice

The Eye Clinic Veterinary is a referral practice, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  We are accepting equine patients (horses, alpacas, llamas, etc.).  Generally, patients are referred by their regular veterinarian.  However, self referrals are also welcomed.  Appointments are made by telephone only.  We are not able to process email requests.   Examinations and procedures are performed in a barn behind our main office.  Detailed trailer and parking directions will be provided after we book your appointment.  Please allow at least one hour for your first appointment. 

Ongoing Operation

Examination Prep

Full information can make a difference in how we treat your pet, especially if it is experiencing distress. Before an examination, the following helpful tipsmay be helpful:

Bring all medications your pet is currently receiving.                                                    Bring all pertinent history and information supplied by your referring veterinarian. This may include laboratory test results such as blood work and radiographs.              Bring treats, oats, etc. that may be helpful in re-trailering for your return trip home. 

Records may also be faxed to (303) 422-7474 prior to your visit.


If an emergency occurs, please call our office for further instruction (303) 422-7444.


                     If you find it necessary to cancel your appointment, we appreciate at least 24 hours notice.                    

This allows other patients the opportunity to be examined.


Fees for services are usual and customary charges for the kind of specialized services rendered.  

A detailed written estimate will be provided upon request, at the time of the initial examination, for recommended procedures.

    Fees are payable when services are rendered and can be paid with:

Cash |  Visa™ | MasterCard™ | Discover™ | American Express  or CareCredit™